Why Is My Business Not Appearing On Google Maps?

my business appear on Google Maps

Beyond appearing on Google, today, our clients ask themselves, “ Why doesn’t my business appear on Google Maps? ”. The application of maps has become one of the most important today for everything it provides, both at the level of organic positioning and for all the information and visibility it offers about companies.

SEO positioning.

Google Maps is directly linked to SEO positioning. When searching on Google about an establishment, for example, the file appears with the location, contact information, opening hours, reviews, and images. By entering the tab, it is also possible to access directions on how to get there. Not only that but the door is opened to increase visits to the website, phone calls, attracting new customers, etc.

Do You Have A File On Google Maps, And Is It Correctly Verified?

The first thing if you want to put your business on Google Maps is to create a file on Google My Business, since it is the one that contains all the information that later appears in the maps application. It is common to find that the file is already created but can be claimed to manage it properly.

One of the most important steps here, and one that can prevent the business from being seen on Google Maps, is to verify the listing. It is an option that appears at the time of its creation or claims so that Google sends a verification code (through different means) that must be entered. Before verifying it, the platform allows you to complete the information about the business, but the listing may not appear in the search results.

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Does The Listing Comply With Google My Business Policies?

Before the token appeared correctly, suddenly, it stopped appearing. In this case, it is vital to ensure that it has not been disabled or removed by Google. If Google My Business policies are somehow broken, this is a genuine possibility. It can be verified simply by reviewing the status of the file. If it says, it has been “Suspended,” this is your case.

Have You Made Changes To The Tab Recently?

Suppose you have recently changed information or added it to your Google Maps listing. In that case, it may take a few days for the changes to appear, including the business not appearing in Google search results until the listing is updated correctly.

  • When the pin does not appear on the map: In some cases, it is necessary to zoom for a business pin to appear on the map of Google Maps. Keep in mind that the most popular businesses are the most visible, and sometimes Google decides not to show the pin of a company on the map. What should be clear is that if a user searches for your business, the nail appears if local positioning has been conscientiously worked on in Google My Business, too.
  • Where is the user located?: When a user searches, Google shows him the cards of those businesses closest to his location.
  • Does your business have multiple locations? If this is the case, Google will show the most popular and relevant place.
  • In case of a technical problem: it is something unusual, but it can also happen that the file does not appear due to a technical issue on Google, which will try to solve as soon as possible.

Keeping the file verified and updated is very important to improve positioning and have quick access to all the brand information. Does your business file appear on Google Maps?

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