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The 3 Largest Trends in Local Marketing

Many local businesses are struggling to market their services online. Even worse, many local business owners don’t even know how important local marketing is.

The truth of the matter is that local marketing is incredibly powerful for local companies and has exploded in popularity over the past few years. However, there are some local marketing trends that local businesses should be aware of before they jump on the bandwagon themselves.

Let’s take a look at three local marketing trends you need to consider so you can start taking advantage of them today…

1. Mobile Optimization

Nowadays mobile optimization means much more than just designing your website or app to look good on mobile devices (although this is still extremely important). It also includes creating content specifically for mobile users like short articles, check-in deals, local events, local resources, local guides and other local content that is ideal for local mobile marketing.

2. Social Media Strategy

Social media has evolved into the largest online platform available to small businesses today so it’s imperative that local companies have a social media strategy in place if they want to be successful. The good news is there are hundreds of ways local businesses can take advantage of social media channels including YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook Business Pages, Twitter, Instagram and more.  

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing has become one of the most powerful local marketing trends available today because it allows you to establish yourself as an industry authority while also engaging your target audience at the same time…and these days potential customers are much more likely to do business with local companies that are active on video marketing platforms.

As you can see, local businesses have a lot of exciting local marketing trends to look forward too thanks to the proliferation of mobile devices, social media and video marketing. This means local companies can finally compete with larger corporations by utilizing local marketing strategies I’ve discussed above to attract new customers at an affordable cost…

…unless they make one fatal mistake…

If local businesses fail to take advantage of local marketing trends now small competitors will easily surpass them in the future because these days even large national brands are making major moves into local markets. For example, take a look at Starbucks which is growing its presence in local communities through various types of local marketing techniques including but not limited to local store marketing, local partnerships and local promotions.

So what does this mean for local businesses?

It means local companies need to stop coasting along with a “business as usual” approach and learn how to embrace local marketing trends before it’s too late. The time to take action is now!

It’s easy to see local marketing trends are extremely powerful for local companies which is why local business owners need to start taking action immediately…

…unless local businesses want to get left behind.

There are three local marketing trends local companies need to look at today if they want to start taking advantage of local marketing techniques that could help their local business grow.

These local marketing trends are mobile optimization, social media strategy and video marketing. If local businesses don’t take advantage of local marketing trends like these they will be at risk of falling behind local competitors in the future because even large national companies are growing their local presence through local marketing methods including but not limited to local store marketing, local partnerships and local promotions.

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